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NewBliss album

I recorded the NewBliss album in Beechpark Studios in 2016. The personnel include Fiachra Trench (piano), Noel Eccles (percussion), Marie Breathnach (strings). I have selected three songs from the album here, they’re a combination of spoken word and music.

‘For Denise’ was written for my mother, whom I think of every day and who was a huge influence on my life. ‘With You, Without You’ is the only song in the show I don’t sing, the vocals are provided by my daughter. ‘Destroyed by Addiction’ is a blues number which describes the low point of my alcoholism, before I recovered.

Lullaby of Birdland by George Shearing and George David Weiss is the first tune Keith performed in public, on BBC radio when he was ten. This version was recorded with Tommy Halferty on guitar and Dave Redmond on bass. Keith is on clarinet.

Lament for Donough of Ballea Played on baritone and soprano saxes, viola, piano and synthesiser. A great leader and chieftan has been killed. Not only a man of fierce determination, physical strength and endurance, but also a generous, affectionate and sensitive friend. This track is dedicated to Marius Schoon who gave so much of his life for the anti-apartheid struggle.

My Secret Love by Mitchell Parish and Bobby Sherwood. Keith was playing with Don Baker in the Spirit Store, Dundalk when Don asked him to play a solo on tenor sax. The sound engineer kept recording and here’s the result.

I can’t get started by Ira Gershwin and Vernon Duke is performed here by Keith on baritone sax with Tommy and Dave.

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